Integrating CircleCI with Mergify

How to automate your CircleCI workflow using Mergify

CircleCI is a modern CI/CD platform that allows you to build, deploy, and automate your projects. Mergify can interact with CircleCI by evaluating the status checks reported by CircleCI to GitHub. This enables powerful automation workflows that react to the results of your CircleCI jobs.

Before you can use Mergify with CircleCI, ensure the following:

  1. CircleCI is properly set up and is building your projects. See the CircleCI Documentation for help with setting up CircleCI.

  2. CircleCI is configured to report build statuses to GitHub. This is typically done by installing CircleCI’s GitHub App.

  3. The Mergify GitHub App is installed in your repository.

Using CircleCI Status Checks in Mergify Configuration

Section titled Using CircleCI Status Checks in Mergify Configuration

Once CircleCI reports status checks to GitHub, they can be used as conditions in your Mergify rules. Here’s a simple example:

- name: Automatically merge when CircleCI build succeeds
- check-success=ci/circleci: test # Change this to match your CircleCI check name
- "#approved-reviews-by>=1"
method: merge

In this example, Mergify will automatically merge pull requests that have at least one approved review and a successful CircleCI build.

The possibilities of integrating CircleCI with Mergify are extensive. For instance, you could use Mergify to:

We encourage you to explore Mergify’s conditions and actions to create your personalized workflow.