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Automate your GitHub pull requests workflow.

Getting Started

Learn how to deploy Mergify on your repositories.

Introducing Workflow Automation

An overview of Mergify Workflow Automation and its capabilities to supercharge your pull request process.

Writing Your First Rule

Write your first automation rule using Mergify workflow automation.


A complete list of actions you can use with Mergify.

Discover a list of use cases that you can leverage with Mergify. Get inspired and adapt it to your own needs.

Automatic Merge

Merge your pull requests as soon as they are ready.

Scheduling Merges

Schedule your pull requests at the right time.

Request Reviews

Enhance your review workflow with customized, efficient, and dynamic review assignments tailored to your needs.

Delete Head Branches

How to automatically delete head branches.

Dismiss Reviews

Optimize your pull request workflow, tailoring review dismissal to specific scenarios and users.

Rebasing Pull Requests

Bring your pull requests up-to-date with their base branch automatically.

Custom Branch Protections

Go beyond GitHub's native branch protections and craft custom, advanced rules using Mergify.

Getting Started

Learn how to deploy Mergify on your repositories.

Introduction to Merge Queues

Understand what merge queues are and how to use them.

Setting Up Your First Merge Queue

Implement your first merge queue.

Pull Request Lifecycle

Understand the lifecycle of a pull request before and once it enters a merge queue.

Using Piorities

Learn how to order your pull requests in the queue by priority.


Learn how to freeze your merge queues during incidents or planned events.


Understand the pause feature of Mergify's merge queue and how it can be utilized during CI incidents.

Using Multiple Queues

Learn how to implement multiple merge queues and route your pull requests.


Optimizing your merge queue for maximum efficiency.

Speculative Checks

Accelerates the merging process by testing the compatibility of multiple queued pull requests in parallel.


Increase your merge queue throughput and decrease your CI usage.

Two-Step CI

Run essential tests on every PR and comprehensive tests before merging, optimizing CI time and resources.


Optimize your merge queue for monorepos.


Smoothly transition to Mergify while optimizing the merge queue and potentially moving to Mergify exclusive merges.


Monitor key metrics of your merge queue to optimize throughput and reduce latency, ensuring a streamlined development cycle.


Solutions for troubleshooting common issues with Mergify's merge queue to ensure smooth and efficient pull request processing.

Detailed documentation about every part of Mergify.

Configuration File Format

Details of the configuration file format.

Sharing Configuration

Share and reuse configuration pieces in your configuration.


Everything you need to know when writing your conditions.

Configuration Data Types

Details of the data types found in the configuration


Complete list of commands you can use with Mergify.

API Usage

Integrate with Mergify using its API.

API Reference

Complete Mergify API reference.


Integration with other systems.


How to create and manage stacked PRs.


Display your Mergify usage publicly.


Learn more about the applications permissions and Mergify's security obsession.


How Mergify billing works.

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