Mergify Squash Command

Squash the commits of a pull request into one.

The squash command is an integral tool in Mergify’s arsenal, empowering users to condense all the changes from a pull request into a single commit. For PRs that come with a myriad of incremental commits, this command serves as a boon for those desiring a neat and concise commit history.

Implementing the squash command with Mergify is a stride towards a cleaner commit history, especially when you wish to merge a pull request without the clutter of multiple individual commits.

The squash command proves to be invaluable for:

  • Clarity and Neatness: Maintaining a clean commit history, especially when numerous commits have only minor changes.

  • Simplified Review: When reviewers prefer seeing the entirety of changes in one commit, making the review process more straightforward.

@Mergifyio squash [<commit message format>]
  • commit message format defines what commit message to use for the squashed commit. Possible values are:

    • all-commits to use the same format as GitHub squashed merge commit (default).

    • first-commit to use the message of the first commit of the pull request.

    • title+body means to use the title and body from the pull request itself as the commit message. The pull request number will be added to end of the title.