Mergify Requeue Command

Allow a pull request to re-enter a merge queue.

The requeue command allows you to manually re-add a pull request to Mergify’s merge queue. This is especially useful if, for some reason, a pull request has been removed from the queue or if you’ve made configuration changes and you want the pull request to be reconsidered based on the new merge queue settings.

To use the requeue command, comment on the pull request with:

@mergifyio requeue [<queue-name>]

Upon receiving the command, Mergify will place the pull request back in the appropriate merge queue, considering its conditions.

  • <queue-name> can be specified to indicate in which queue the pull request should be queued back.

Suppose you have a pull request that was removed from the merge queue due to a transient failure, or after making a crucial update to the pull request, you want to ensure it’s re-added to the queue. By commenting @mergifyio requeue on the pull request, Mergify will reconsider it for merging, ensuring it’s queued appropriately.