API Usage

Integrate with Mergify using its API.

Mergify offers a comprehensive RESTful API that facilitates seamless integration. This API provides access to data and functionalities that can enhance your Mergify experience.

All API requests should be directed to: https://api.mergify.com/v1/

The API is entirely documented in the API reference.

To start with the API, you’ll first need to create an application associated with your organization:

  1. Navigate to your dashboard.
  2. Proceed to create an Application.
Create application keys

Upon successful creation, the dashboard will provide you with an API key.

Application key token

With the provided API key, you’re set to make authenticated requests against the Mergify API. For example, to validate the authenticity of your token, you can retrieve your application’s information:

Terminal window
curl -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <my-application-api-key>" https://api.mergify.com/v1/application


"id": 123,
"name": "my application",
"github_account": {
"id": 123,
"login": "Mergify",
"type": "Organization",

If, for any reason, you need to revoke an application key:

  1. Head to the dashboard.
  2. Simply delete the corresponding application.
Delete application key

By doing so, the application and its key will be removed, revoking any access provided by that key.