The update action updates the pull request against its base branch. It works by merging the base branch into the head branch of the pull request.



↑ Linear HistoryπŸ”—

As GitHub supports linear history in pull request settings, it is very handy to use a rule to keep your pull requests up-to-date. As you do not want to trigger your CI too often by always re-running it on every pull request β€” especially when there is still work in progress β€” you can limit this action to labeled pull requests.

  - name: automatic update for PR marked as β€œReady-to-Goβ€œ
      - -conflict # skip PRs with conflicts
      - -draft # filter-out GH draft PRs
      - label="Ready-to-Go"

When a pull request is not in conflict nor draft, and has the label Ready-to-Go, it will be automatically updated with its base branch.